Dr. Gib

a.k.a Calamari


Strength: 1
Ability: 3
Understanding: 4
Skill: 2
Combat: 5
Non-Combat: 3
Universal: 3

Melee: 5
Special Weapon: 5
Thrown weapon: 1
Bow: 3
Gun: 3

Weapon: 8
Armor: 4
VItality: 4

Diplomacy: 6
Initiative: 6
Communication: 7

Stealth: 7
Search: 7
Survival: 2
Deception: 5
Bluff: 4
Sense Motive: 4
Craft: 6
Presence: 11

HP: 37
Aetherflow: 7

Aether Abilities

Aether Casting: Your aetherflow allows you to cast known non-basic spells per day at a one point per spell level. i.e. with 5 Aetherflow, you may cast one level 5 spell or a level 3 spell and a level 2 spell, or any other combination that totals to 5.

Cantrips: (Basic spell) You may cast known cantrips at will. You get 2 catrips at level 1 and an additional cantrip each level after.

Levitate: (at will) You may levitate for 10 minutes per level at 15 feet per round.

Mind Jolt: Spend an aetherflow to deal 1d4 per level (up to 6) of psionic damage to target. Save will negate.

Discern Thoughts: (racial at will) Roll a d% to discern throughts of a target if you beat their threshold. May attempt on PCs at a base of 75 + aetherflow %

Dominate Mind: (racial at will) Roll a d20 to dominate a creature or NPC. Must first have successfully used discerned thoughts to attempt to dominate. Not usable on PCs.

Scout’s Eye: Spend an aetherflow to immediately spot a known target up to 100 feet away (must have a clear description of person or thing to use)

If you can’t dominate them, charm them: While in glamour, after failing a discern thoughts check you may spend an aetherflow to make a presence roll to attempt to coax information from the target.


INVENTORY: aether pouch, x3 flare, pocket telescope, rucksack, rations x21, journal, deeds to 2 inns, a bath house and villa on Kasuriah (blackmail Maria), strange ring, x1 telekinesis wand, x4 wand of fireball, x1 wand of lightning.

$$$: 91 Platinum

Dr. Gib

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