Feuergeist (Adrian Falbright)


Lvl: 2
HP: 85
Exp: 1000
Str: 4
Abi: 2
Understanding: 2
Skill: 2
Combat: 3
Noncom: 5
Universal: 2
Melee: 3
Diplomacy: 7
Intimidate: 7
Communicate: 4
Scavenge: 9
Survival: 2
Weapon: 5
Armor: 6
Vitality: 9
Assault: 9
Stealth: 8
Aether flow: 5
Presence: 7


Aether Casting: Your aetherflow allows you to cast known non-basic spells per day at a one point per spell level. i.e. with 5 Aetherflow, you may cast one level 5 spell or a level 3 spell and a level 2 spell, or any other combination that totals to 5.

Flame whip: (Basic Attack) 1d6 per level of fire damage (up to 6) as melee with 5 foot reach.

Flame Retardant: Having lived in the desert allows you to negate 1 point of fire damage per level (up to 6)

Call of Zeus: When attempting to call lightning, you may spend an aetherflow to catch a bolt and throw it for an additional 1d6 damage.

Redeemed: After many years in exile, you have been redeemed and it has given you a peace of mind. You may spend an aetherflow to give yourself clarity of mind, allowing the arhter to flow through you better and gain an additional 1d4 damage when casting any spell.


An eccentric pyromancer, Feuergeist loves to set things on fire. If he gets paid, all the better.

Owns a nerf gun with 29 bolts, 198 cigarettes. Orb amplify power to attack necro-beast
Comb in hair, orb of amplify power, king’s seal, aether pouch, royal pardon, robe of Sylas, champagne.

$$ 89 platinum, 89 gold

Able to create flames, and creating a flame whip.
Wearing a red robe and red silk dancing gear.

Able to call and catch lightning

Feuergeist (Adrian Falbright)

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