Selnya Natrel

Lt. Commander; Spymaster of The Hyperboria from 3209-3421 E.E.


Ability: 5
Skill: 5
Combat: 2
Non-Combat: 3
Universal: 2

Melee: 4
Special Weapon: 7
Thrown Weapon: 3
Bow: 5
Gun: 5

Weapon: 7
Armor: 6
Vitality: 6

Diplomacy: 5
Initiative: 5
Communication: 5

Stealth: 11
Search: 5
Survival: 5
Deception: 8
Bluff: 3
Sense Motive: 3
Craft: 8
Presence: 7

HP: 57
Aetherflow: 7

AGE: 410

Under order Directive 1, section 34: Division of self based on inappropriate behaviour or failure to operate successfully in important endeavors of continuous need to the missions instilled by the senatorial committee. Division of self through extreme duress, hardship, and psychological shock – limited physiological shock included only if warranted. Total erasure for the good of all is required.

Aether Abilities————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Tricks of the Trade: Spend 2 aetherflow to reroll any stealth, search, deception, bluff or sense motive. You may keep the higher result.

Poisoner: Coated weapons have a 50% chance to poison an enemy (1d4 damage for 5 rounds) and a chance to give an additional effect based on the poisoned used (see recipes for chance)

Recipe: Paralysis Poison: 25% chance to daze a target for 5 rounds.

Recipe: Sleep Poison: 25% chance to put a target into a deep sleep for 5 rounds. Psionic damage and critical hits will negate the sleep effect.

Recipe: Necrosis Poison: 5% chance to inflict necrosis on success. Necrosis effects vary based on where and how the poison was administered.

Senator’s Gal: Gain a +2 to any domestic craft activities i.e. cooking, farming, foraging etc.

Master of DIsguise: You may spend an aetherflow to to add your deception to a disguise check (disguise uses bluff)

Marked for Death: Being faced with imminent erasure has given you the ability to tap into your very life force. When using an aether ability, you may expend an additional aether point to re-roll the check at advantage.

Inventory: Maria Caraya’s poisoner kit, Poisoner’s Tunic, king’s seal, 100 platinum, aether pouch, green rubber duckie, Anthirite recurve bow, Quiver of 16 anthirite arrows, copy of mercenary contract, ORB OF THE TRIAD


The Senator said I failed, but what did I fail? Is this a question of duty – perhaps one of faith? He’s used me – between my legs and elsewise – for centuries…am I no more than a toy to him? To his fellow Senators? Does Senator Fallows treat his folks such as this?

I’ve been loyal and put myself in harm’s way more times than the years I’ve lived amount to. Ars Arcun first, then Ars Nadel, each battleground its own bath of gore and hate – I’ve been resurrected 20 times or more in those plaster vats of ours, been a mother many times over for the cause…but now….as the dawn of this strange world comes over my lids – my body cold from morning dew and bad ground – I wonder to myself.

What true worth do I have. Is the cause even alive anymore?

Born in 3209 Exodus Era (E.E.) Selnya became the victim of the machine her people had created for their very existence to continue. Not born to parents in any sense of the word, she was raised alongside her vat mates and trained from her first recollection to serve the Exodusian Regime. Her training saw her killing her own vat mates (genetic sisters and brothers) for the right to climb to a position of authority. She didn’t rise quickly, but she rose effectively. Later, others would recall her gray-blue eyes over the barrel of firearms and in hand -to-hand engagements as one laden with intelligence, cruelty, and the standard Exodusian hatred. Selnya became the Spymaster of The Hyperborea, under Senator Genrestwee’s watchful gaze. Her methods were compact and effective – hardly any waste and with a doctrine of ‘failures left behind.’ Only 6 spies and reconnaissance members met their end under her long command. She was gifted with medals and the ultimate prize – Theromacry – the ability to use top level biotics – by the unanimous vote of the Senatorial Committee in 3286.

After achieving the rank of Lt. Commander through the Ars System campaigns, she was offered her own ship, The Yessimin and a command over 400 souls. This offer was rescinded when it was discovered that she and Genrestwee were lovers in the traditional and unconventional way. Selnya was honorably discharged from future military endeavors and campaigns after the birth of her first natural child – fathered by Helin Genrestwee – whose name was struck from the records after her termination from military service. She was recommissioned by Supreme Senator Ulrin after a 4 year retirement to perform services as a Spymaster once again until her failed mission to world XL-9987 – known as Coresca by the inhabitants – in 3421 E.E.

Selnya Natrel

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