Tales of the Aethersparked

The Glass Room

        A ragged man sat at the head of a table, dressed in a fine gray suit that he looked like he didn't belong in. A man and woman, presumably twins, sat to his right and to his left while the rest of the table was filled with 12 other people. A single seat remained empty, a fact made more apparent by the silence that hung over the room. Different scenes played out on the glass panels all around them, but their focus was on the ragged man.

        "Well I am not one to beat around the bush. Why did you force us here?" said a man dressed in a finely made black suit, a medallion around his neck standing up. The ragged man took a deep breath and sighed. "I forced you here, because you are acting like children and need to be treated as such." he replied. Everyone apart from the twins looked among eachother. "Do you know what your childish behavior has caused?" he went on. 

        Before anyone could answer, a glass panel rose from the table and a live feed began to play. A woman was strung up in a dark place, her long purple hair hanging in front of her face in strings. A man in ancient finery paced before her. Then, the image switched. A large dragon with Amethyst scales pounced upon a white dragon, eviscerating his neck near some old ruins. Once more the scene changed, this time to an ornately carved stone medallion began chanting in a long forgotten tongue. As this last scene played out, the man in a black suit with a medallion quickly sat.

         The ragged man stood up and began to walk around the table, stopping at the vacant seat. "While I am always one for a universe to find it's way despite any cosmic madness you might decide to unleash, when you start taking your own lives, something must be done. Right now you have all set into play a chain of events that I can not idly sit by and allow to continue. The panel on a table now displayed a willowy looking elf with black hair on a ship in some distant place. Another panel appeared along side the middle one and the twins placed their palms on the table in front of them. The table lit up, and an image of two young children appeared, both wearing sage colored robes accompanied by a lioness that walked on two legs.

         "NO!" shouted a woman in a sage green dress as the scene of the two children showed them each glowing before cutting out. A woman in white, who was sat next to her placed her arms around her and consoled the now crying woman. The ragged man placed his hands on the back of the empty seat. "In true childish fashion you have started a game and didn't include some of your friends. I think it is only fair that the three of us get to play as well. I forced you all here to let you know that we are playing with you now. That is all." A twisted smile spread across the ragged man's face as all but the twins instantly vanished from his sight.

        The ragged man turned to the twins. "Do you think they will stop their madness?" The woman spoke first "They are children. Of course this will only upset them more." The man stepped around to his sister. "I would imagine that this will only make things worse." he added. The ragged man nodded "Good. I was hoping you would say this."


Zanadria Zanadria

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