Tales of the Aethersparked

The Men in Black Robes

        A man in black robes sits across a desk from a man in plain clothes aboard his vast ship. "Go on then. Convince me why I should do as you say." The plain clothes man says, having already made up his mind.


      A man in black robes wanders up to a burned castle, greeted by a servant in scorched and tattered noble finery. "My king says he will see you." The strange servant stutters.


        A man in black robes breathes a sigh of relief, having been spared the fate of meeting with… That thing. They journey would have surely been death for him.


        A defense attorney in black robes sits in the empty streets of the city he is staying in, playing with two marionettes. A gust of wind blows a newspaper by. His piercing silver-grey eyes glance over the headline. "Ruler of Ithlyn Missing! Possible Second kidnapping?" A smile crosses his face as he throws one of the marionettes to the side and continues to play with the one.


How can you read a headline of a newspaper blowing through the wind? Did the newsletter land next to him, land on him? Also the tittle is good but the paragraph’s all start the same way with a man in Black robes with the exception of the latter, which is misleading with the 1st two paragraph’s lead the reader to think that it’s the same person, which is confusing because I was not understanding how the docked his vast ship between the first paragraph and the second. I had to re-read it to see that it’s not the same person. Aslo the fact that you mentioned the defense attorney is a little odd considering he is aslo in Black robes so how would anyone know the difference, between him and the other three men in Black.

The Men in Black Robes

I am not going to spoil anything, but the wording and presentation was intentional. The paragraphs are meant to start with the same wording and the defense attorney is meant to stand out as he is technically the same as the others but also different. You do not know the difference yet, but will in the future. All of the paragraphs set the stage for future events while dealing with some current events at the same time.

The Men in Black Robes
Zanadria Zanadria

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